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The Roman Road, Tell the Good News! (part 2)

If you have not read the previous posting... "The Roman Road, Tell the Good news! pt.1 dated Wednesday Jan. 10th,2007 then you may want to read that posting first before continuing with this one.

So now that you've set up your bible with written scripture verses and page numbers as described in the previous posting, you are now ready to share the message of Christ with someone. Of course before I go out to witness to anyone, I pray for God to pave the way. God will put people in your path that he has prepared to hear the Gospel, but it's important that you pray and prepare yourself to be lead by the Holy Spirit as you're giving witness. He will give you the words to say.

I'm going to assume that you have asked the questions mentioned in the previous posting and you have an individual or group of individuals that have said they want to hear more. OK, let's tell them the Good News!

Start off your conversation with something like this... "I want to show you how you can know for certain that you can have eternal life in heaven." Open your bible to the inside cover and turn to the page# you have written there so you can find Romans 3:23. Say..."I'd like to start with this verse, Romans 3:23. It says this... for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (sometimes I like to have them look in my bible and read along with me as I point to the verse) Now explain what this verse means to them.

Romans 3:23 explanation:
"You see, we're all sinners. The bible says we ALL have sinned. This sin started back with Adam and Eve, they were the first people that God created. God gave them only one rule to obey and that was that they could not eat fruit from the tree of "Knowledge of good and evil." Well they did eat this fruit, and this sin, this disobedience, has separated all mankind from God. God sent them away and ever since then mankind has been cursed or separated from God. That's why this verse says... ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There's nothing any of us can do to earn favor with God, we all fall short. If you think about it we all sin, we do bad things. Have you ever lied? Have you ever stole anything or cheated? Well we all have haven't we. We're all sinners!

Ask them..."Do you believe you are a sinner?" YES "Do you believe God lets sinners in heaven? NO "Well I have good news! Look at the next verse you have written there at the bottom of the page in your bible and turn to to Romans 6:23. Read this verse to them...

Romans 6:23 says... For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Now explain what this verse mean to them.

Romans 6:23 explanation:
When we think of wages we think of payment for something we've earned, don't we? Well this verse is simply saying that we deserve death because of our sin. Our payment or wage is death! The death mentioned here is an eternal separation from God's love in a place called Hell! The good news however is found in the second half of this verse... "But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Yes we deserve death, but God wants to give us eternal life! It's a free gift that He offers us. We don't deserve it, we can't earn it, but it can be ours if we accept it. God loves you and I so much that he's provided a way for us to live in heaven with him. Let me show you what I mean. Look at the bottom of the page in your bible and turn to the next verse you have written in your bible. Romans 5:8 says this... "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this; While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Now explain what this verse means to them.

Romans 5:8 explanation:
You see, God loves us so much that even though we are sinners, he allowed Christ to die for us! To pay the price for our sinfulness. The reason that Christ died for you and me is because of our sin separates us from God. We are not holy and perfect and therefore we can't be in the presence of God who is holy and perfect. Jesus came to die on that cross in our place. remember we deserve death, but even though we are sinners, Christ died for us, to give us eternal life. So how do we receive this free gift of eternal life? How do I know for certain that I have been saved from going to Hell? Let me show you one more passage of scripture. Look at the bottom of the page and turn to the next verse that you have written there in your bible. Read Romans 10:9,10 (Wait to read Romans 10:13 till after you've explained verses 9 and 10) Romans 10:9,10 says this... (9) that if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (10) For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Now explain what these two verses mean to them.

Romans 10:9,10 explanation:
Now that you have heard these verses, the bible says that if you believe that Jesus died and God raised him up from the dead, then you will be saved! It goes on to say that it's with our believing heart that we are justified. To be justified means to be made right with God, or in other words our sin is removed. You see, Jesus paid the price for us, he died in our place. And when we confess with our mouth that Jesus is our Lord, then we are saved! It's when we realize what Christ did for us that we have the desire to live for him and make him Lord of our life. When we believe this, we can be saved. Saved from what? Saved from Hell! Hell is a place of eternal torture and torment for those people that never made Jesus Lord of their life. They never believed. Heaven is a place provided for those people that believe that Jesus is Lord and that he died and rose again victorious over sins death. We just need to call on Jesus to save us. Romans 10:13 says this..."For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." It's like crying out for help! It's saying "Lord Jesus I need you!" "I believe you are the Son of God!" "I believe you died for my sins and that you rose from the dead!" "Jesus, please save me!"

Ask these questions...
"Do you want to live forever in Heaven?" YES
"Do you believe that you are a sinner?" YES
"Do you believe that Jesus died for you and rose from the dead?" YES
Then all you have to do is call on the Lord and His promise is that He will save you. Do you want to do that right now? YES I'm going to pray with you right now, and I want you to simply repeat after me as I lead you through this prayer, and we're going to call on Jesus to save you right now. Let's pray...
(remember to say the prayer slowly so they can repeat after you easily. Also remember that there are no specific words that must be said in this prayer. The purpose of this prayer is to "acknowledge their sin", to "believe that Jesus died for them and rose again" paying the price for their sin, and to "confess and commit their life to Jesus as their Lord."

PRAYER... Dear God......., I know that I am a sinner......., I believe that you sent your Son Jesus......., to die on the cross for my sins......., and that you raised Him from the dead......., so that I can have eternal life......., I want to live my life for you......., Thank you for saving me......., Amen.

If you said that prayer and meant it with all your heart, you just confessed and were saved.

Wow! You did it! You shared the gospel with someone and they gave their life to Christ. (remember this... even if it never got to this point in your witness, because often it won't, you still tried to make a difference in the life of that person. Maybe the next person that shares will be able to see this person come to know Jesus as their Lord, or maybe the next or the next.... or maybe it never happens. You however, have planted a seed in their conscious that only God can water and harvest when the time is right. Don't ever measure your success at witnessing by how many people give their life to Jesus at the time of your witness. Many people, such as myself, heard this message several times before I finally realized my need for a savior. I'm sure glad people didn't stop witnessing to me. So don't let it discourage you if the person doesn't commit.) Keep praying for them.

A few thoughts to think about here.

  1. Answer any questions they might have, help them to understand what has just happened to them. The Spiritual battle that goes on between the New Spirit inside them and their old nature needs to be explained to them. they need to understand they will struggle with sin in a different way.

  2. You'll want to invite them to church so they can begin fellowship with other believers. They really need to get involved in a new Christians class or a Sunday school class.

  3. You'll want to introduce them to your Pastor / Minister so they can ask questions and be counseled etc. The Pastor will want to talk to them about what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. He'll want to talk about baptism and why they should be baptized.

  4. The worst thing we can do for a new Christian is to lead them to know the Lord and become saved, and then not follow up with them and disciple them. Remember, they have lived their whole life up to this point obeying only their old nature. Without prayer and support and love from others it is easy to fall into temptation and revert back to our old ways real quick. Be there for them, disciple them, and get them involved in church and fellowship as quickly as possible.

I hope this helps you with your witnessing and I hope this gives you the confidence you need to boldly step out in faith and allow God to use you to make an impact on His Kingdom. Can you remember the day that someone told you about Jesus and the impact that that made on the rest of your life? Well it's your turn to pass on the Good News! God bless you as you serve Him!


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