Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Down Time

In this busy busy world that we live in we have to slow down and recharge or we'll collapse. I have many ways to slow down and recharge. I like to write, it relaxes me and that's why I write so often. Another way that I've found to slow down and recharge is to play music. Just spending time alone with my Hammered Dulcimer and playing different songs that I know or even creating new stuff is very relaxing and really helps to recharge my batteries. Sometimes just reading a good book is a great way to get alone and relax and recharge. My favorite way to recharge, to relax and enjoy my time alone is on my Motorcycle. My bike has been the best therapy for me personally. I love the freedom I feel when the wind is blowing across my face as I fly down the road. The ground rushing by under my feet and I love the way the road winds and curves as my bike leans back and forth flowing down the road with ease. Really for me this is it! I can free my mind of all fears and troubles. I can clear my mind of work and just get away from it all. The beautiful scenery around these parts of Tennessee just take my breath away sometimes and when I'm alone on my bike, I can escape from everything and I always come back refreshed and alive after my rides.

We all need alone time don't we? I'm sure each one of you have your own favorite way to relax, to get alone and recharge. You know it's important to do this. Jesus even did it. When all the people would gather around Jesus all day long wanting hear from him, wanting to learn from his teaching, even Jesus needed a break. Jesus always had people around him and there were times when he just needed to be alone and recharge. Jesus taught us though that his reason for being alone was not for selfish reasons. He wanted to be alone so he could spend more time in prayer with His Father, God.

Matthew 14:23 After he had dismissed them (the crowd), he went up into the hills by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone.

You see Jesus knew where true recharging came from. Jesus knew if he spent alone time with God then he would be recharged and refocused and energized beyond anything else that we can do on our own.

So what do you focus on while you are spending time alone? Sure reading, music, writing, and even riding motorcycles are all good, but in and of themselves, they're not enough. True recharging comes from a power source. That power source of course is God. Jesus knew it, and really so do we. Sure we all need time alone and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being alone for selfish reasons either, but we must make sure we also spend alone time with God. True peace for our troubles comes to us when we dump our burdens on Him. If we don't do that then we'll have to hop on that Motorcycle more and more and more often to get release, then eventually even that doesn't do it for us any more.

Spend more alone time with Jesus and be recharged!

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