Saturday, December 8, 2007

Merry Christmas from Halle

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from Halle!

This Christmas is soooo special for us, because this Christmas we have a new granddaughter to share it with. When the tree went up, I was taken back to a time when my own kids were little and how they looked at wonder at all the light's, sounds, and the decorations of Christmas. The first day we put up the tree and decorations she just sat in the room awaking from a nap and she was in awe as she turned her head and discovered a new decoration or light that caught her attention. She would say, ahhhhh, and ooooohh as she would see something new. It was as if she was in a brand new wonderful world where everything was pretty and new and really really cool. After she took in all the sights, it was time to go see what all this neat stuff feels like, she had to explore, she had to touch it and yes, even taste it. She was like a kid in a candy store and couldn't wait to explore it all.
Imagine we'll be like that when we get to heaven? I'm sure we will. I imagine I'll probably sit down right there in the middle of heaven and I'll probably say, aaaahhhh, and ooohhh, as I look around in amazement at what the Lord has done for me. What an awesome God we serve that He would prepare such a place for us! We'll most likely be like a child at Christmas time, in Awe!

Thank you God for sending us your Son Jesus, may we all show our thanks and our praise to our Lord and Savior this Christmas season. The birth of Jesus, the way that it was, was one of a kind. Birth from a virgin. His death was also one of a kind, a sacrifice for all so that God can spend eternity with us. May we each recognize our need for a Savior, may we realize that this wonderful place called Heaven is only prepared for those that have Jesus Christ as their Lord. This Christmas, celebrate the birth of Jesus, and have a wonderful time with the little loved ones like your children and grandchildren. They see the world as it is, wonderful and really really cool, may we too see the world through a child's eyes. With Jesus as our Lord we can!

Merry Christmas!

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