Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Me Again

You know God never tires of hearing from us. Have you ever prayed something like this... "Dear Lord, It's me again..." It like... Here I go again. But the great news is that God always hears us. He even knows what we're going to ask before we ask. He knows how he's going to answer before we ask. He knows the outcome before we ask. He knows everything about us, yes, everything.

Isaiah 65:24
"Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear."

It doesn't matter how lonley you are, how afraid you are, or even how much you are suffering or hurting, God hears you and even answers you before you call out to Him. This is how in tune He is to our lives. What comfort we have in knowing that our God hears and answers us no matter what the struggle. As I read this verse I see the Lord's out reached hand that says... "I'm here, Let Me help!" There is nothing you are going through that is a surprise to God. So the next time you are praying and you begin your prayer with... "It's me again, God. Take comfort in knowing He was waiting for you to call and he's already got the answer you need.

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Rissa Mendes said...

So very true... I'm so Glad I have a wonderful loving Father in heaven that listens to our every need and every concern!! Isn't it wonderful that he never tires of us??
Hope your having a wonderful start to a blessed week!!