Monday, June 18, 2007

God is always there

Last week I was traveling back home to Kansas and I was reminded of the last time that I flew. That day it was raining and the weather was turning very nasty. The rain and the dark skies were really scary looking and I remember the wind being very strong that day as well. I was a little uncomfortable with idea of getting on this airplane and taking off in this weather. But I had to.
After getting on the plane I looked out the window and instead of getting lighter as the day went on it was getting darker by the minute. We were in the middle of a very severe storm. I was a little anxious. I have flown many times before and I rarely get nervous or anxious, but this time was different, the storm was bad.
As we took off down the runway, I could hardly see anything out of my window, a kind of hazy fog and dark clouds and lots of rain made it difficult to see anything. As we began to lift as we took off we could immediately feel the plane shift from the wind. We would dip some and it felt like we were sliding sideways once in a while. It appeared that the pilot had a difficult time keeping us flying straight through the air. As we gained altitude the turbulence became very bad. We were tossed about, suddenly lifting and dropping with some strong bumps every once in a while.
Finally, we gained enough altitude to get us above the clouds and what happened next was really amazing. You see the storm we were just in had many of us scared and worried, but then suddenly the sun was shining and all the bumps, wind, rain and darkness was gone. Just like that! All was calm and for the rest of the flight and it was amazingly comfortable and smooth.

This whole experience reminded me that even when things appear to all be going wrong… well, the sun is still shining! God is always there. You see, when I was below the clouds I’d forgotten how nice it was just a few miles above me. The sun was shining and all was OK. Even though I was in a storm at the time, The sun was still shining above me, I just couldn't see it.
It’s the same way with God sometimes, we’re going through the storm of our lives and all appears to be doom and gloom. We just feel all alone and we can’t see our way out of the mess we’re in. Those storms can weigh us down and scare us to death, but we need to always remember this… God is always there. We may not see him at the time, but he is there, He is constant and his love never fails. So the next time you are going through trials that make you wonder… “Where is God in all this?” Think of this plane ride that I took and remember that in an instant, very suddenly, the storm can be over and the peace of God can comfort you when it just doesn’t seem possible. God is always shining His light! Press on through the storm to the peace on the other side. It’s there, it really is!

May God bless you as you travel through life and may He lift you out of the storm and comfort you in your time of need.

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