Sunday, June 3, 2007

What's the world coming to?

I'm amazed at the laws that are passed today. Our laws tend to be made to support the squeaky wheel rather than following any moral, ethical or especially biblical standard any more. The problem for our society of course is that those that want to live a certain way will do whatever it takes to twist verses in the bible to support or at least give them a sense of peace that what they are doing is OK. We focus on the fact that God is love, but He is also Judge and He has clearly given us values and ethics for how we should live in His word. We focus on the fact that these verses were written so many years ago when the laws and and lifestyles were different, and some believe they simply just don't apply to our culture now. As with any sin in our lives we want to desperately justify it if we can to make us feel better about ourselves and of course, this in some way helps us feel better as we continue to live in our sin. We have this false sense that we'll be alright, because after all, The bible is a book about God's love isn't it? Unfortunately when we focus on one sin over another, people will always bring up the fact that, well this sin is just as bad and yet many Christians are doing that sin etc., so people ask why is this sin any worse or more of a sin? The answer to that of course is... It's not. Sin is sin, whether we've made it socially acceptable or not, Sin is sin. The great news however that is common throughout scripture is that God understands that we struggle with sin and He offers forgiveness when we realize we're sinning and confess it and ask for forgiveness. He will forgive us. The hope here is that we will turn away from the sin, rather than keep on keeping on with it. The only reason we would ask for forgiveness of any sin would be because we realize it's wrong in the first place. So why am I rambling on about all this...

Yesterday in the news I saw on TV where a woman was denied her application to be considered as a candidate for placement on an Internet dating service where they match up profiles of each person and hopefully the match will be such that when they get together and start dating maybe they will find their perfect mate and quite possibly fall in love and even get married eventually. There seems to be much success with this Company in matching couples. The company is The problem is however is that the woman that was denied access to place her profile on Eharmony was because she is a lesbian and of course she is seeking a relationship with another woman rather than a man. The Company sent her a letter of response stating that their data and experience is for matching up men and women. Their success has been on the premise of a man and a women getting together, not a woman and a women, or a man and a man. So basically they are not set up for those kinds of matches. Sorry about that, we can't help you.

Rather than go someplace else for her services, she sues Eharmony for discriminating against Gay people and here we go again!

I understand that the laws we have in place are to protect people of all ages, religions, races, gender and sexual orientation, but when did the law become so that we can't as a business owner sell whatever we want to sell. When did this become an issue that we have to sell merchandise or a service that is acceptable to the gay community, or any other groups of people for that matter? I agree with the laws that are in place that we should not discriminate as an employer in any way because someone may fall into one or more of these protected classes of people. That's a good thing. But to sue someone because they do not carry a product that you want? Crazy. The sad thing though is that this subject has become a very sensitive subject and highly controversial over the years. Because of that reason this thing will be big. It will cause all kinds of debate and hopefully our legal system will be smart and realize that this is wrong. But only time will tell.

The danger here of this kind of writing is that I will be labeled as someone that doesn't like Gay people. That's absurd! I'm just tired of these kinds of examples of twisted logic. The simple truth here is that I believe that we should live by the word of God. I understand that many people don't care about that or believe in that standard. Even as I say... I believe we should live by this standard, I know that I do not do it well. I struggle all the time as does every one else. But the bible is truth, whether we accept it or not, whether we make it socially acceptable or not. In the end, all that will matter on Judgement day is if you are known by Jesus... Does He know you, does He have a relationship with you? The bible tells us that one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. So that day is coming for every person, every person will confess Jesus as Lord someday. The problem however is, if you have not confessed Jesus as your Lord before your judgement day... it's too late. Jesus will say... "depart from me, I never knew you" and then you'll be cast into the lake of fire. The risk that all of us have by not living by God's standard is that we may not really know Jesus at all. As a child of God, we will be miserable when we're living in sin, we're convicted of our sin. So if we're not convicted of sin that is mentioned in the bible or we find ourselves trying to justify our sin, we are at risk of living for ourselves rather than for God. I think it best to say... Lord forgive me for my sin that you have revealed to me and help me to overcome it in your name. Amen.

To answer the question that I wrote in the title of my post... What's the world coming to? Well the answer to that question is found in the bible as well. I'm afraid things are going to get much much worse, and I believe that there's a time coming when Christians will stop being passive and start speaking out against laws that lead our country down a road that may feel good, but in the end leads us deeper and deeper into sin, which of course is not pleasing to God and we risk losing God's blessings upon our nation and instead we receive His wrath for the way we're living and for what we've become. The days ahead of us will be difficult days for Christians. Christians in the United States have had it easy compared to the persecution they get in other country's, but mark my words, our day is coming. Persecution only comes however, when the Christian puts themselves on the firing line. Are we ready for that?

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father. Forgive me for judgemental attitudes. I know it's wrong of me to do that. Help me to love everyone, and only hate the sin, not the person. After all, we are all sinners, each one of us. There is not one of us better than the other, we're all equally lost and sinful. My hope would be that we all recognize our sin and repent. Then as we live our life for You Lord we will see fruit of the Spirit in and through our lives. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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