Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Hundred

I'm amazed at how this little thing of writing has turned into such a great source of relaxation and enjoyment for me. As busy as I am I would never have dreamed that I would have had the opportunity to post 100 devotions or writings within my first year of blogging.

I remember last year in December a friend of mine from work told me about Blogging. Up till this moment I really hadn't thought much about blogging and didn't even know anything about it either, but after Scott Winslow explained to me how simple it was to set up a page and get started I thought I'd give it a try. I had enjoyed writing a few devotions in the past but never really had a venue to share with anyone what I wrote. I enjoyed writing and I've always felt lead to share the love of Christ to others in any means possible. I remember thinking in the beginning that if only one person reads something I've written and this in someway plays a small part in them giving their life to Jesus as their Lord and Savior, well then that alone is worth the time and effort to write. I remember thinking if only one person gets encouraged or uplifted and feels like they can go on, keep pressing on in their service, then it would all be worth it. I remember thinking if only one person could be helped in some way then that's enough. What I never counted on or expected were the blessings I've gotten over this last year. I'm often blessed with wonderful words of encouragement from my readers. Often I'm blessed either through comments left on the posts or even more so in person as I'm told that they are encouraged and blessed by what they have read. The real blessing and surprise for me however, was the quality of time I have been allowed to spend in bible study and thought. I've found that when I write about God's word, it comes alive for me as well. I spend more time in research and gaining understanding and wisdom than I ever have before. Before this year I was content to just read a few verses of scripture as often as I could and spend a little time with God alone in my quiet time, but now, I have a deeper relationship with Jesus more than I've ever had. I pray more, I study more, I meditate on his word more, I have learned more. I know that only a few people view my blog regularly, Occasionally someone will stumble upon it and read it and hopefully be encouraged but for the most part I know my blog is read by my friends and family. But you know what... It's out there. If God wants someone to read it and be encouraged or helped or motivated or whatever... it's out there. And that's why I do it. This is a part of my ministry, a part of my service, and my appreciation for what Jesus has done for me. I praise you Lord Jesus!

I just want to say thank you to all of you that read my blog and encourage me as well. May God continue to bless you as we share our lives together and I look forward to another year of writing.

PS. Thanks Scott for getting me started.

God bless you all. Steve

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