Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Leaders set the example for others

Do you have the ability to admit when it's over, when it's done, it's finished? Guess what folks? The election is over! Either your candidate lost or won, either way, the election is over and we will have a new President this coming January.

When I was in the service (US Army) we all understood that whoever won the election, that person was now our new Boss. You see, our Commander in Chief, our senior ranking official, is and always has been the President of the United States of America for all military servicemen and women. I was always amazed that upon the day the new President took office, everyone looked upon our new Commander in Chief as just that. He was now in charge. The interesting thing about being in the military is that we all have respect for the system and the different levels of rank and authority. It was just taught and understood that when you were given orders by your commanding officer, you didn't ask why, you didn't complain, you simply said.... "Sir, Yes Sir."

Maybe it's because of my past experience in the military that I can say with all honesty and sincerity... It's time to move on past the election and prepare ourselves to support our new President of these great United States. Although I've never seen anything quite like these elections and the emotional connections to both of these candidates, when it's all said and done, the people have spoken and have elected a new President. I can relate to John McCain as a fellow veteran, even though his service and mine were not at all the same. My sacrifice for this country was nothing compared to his. When I think about what he went through for his country, when I see how hard he fought to try and win this election, when I listened to his concession speech, I was reminded of how thankful and proud that I am to be an American. I was reminded of how important it is we support our new President and unite as a country and as Americans. John McCain, the great leader that he is, knows that we must transition from the race to win, to the race to join together and unite. Great leaders always set the example for others to follow and John McCain did that for everyone who supported his candidacy. He said that he called Senator Barrack Obama and congratulated him on his victory and then he did something that shows the whole world his true love for our country. He pledged to do all he can to help his new President in his quest to help our country move forward. In other words... I'm here for you! You can count on me.

Where do you stand? What's your pledge?

May God bless the United States of America.

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