Saturday, November 15, 2008

Right here, Right now.

What happened yesterday is over... don't dwell on it. Do we learn from it?... yes, but don't dwell on it. Put it behind you and start again. Tomorrow isn't here yet so don't consume all your thoughts for a day that may or may not come. You can focus all your attention on tomorrow and miss today. Today is right here, right now. Today is what matters, this moment in time, right here, right now, yet we worry about the future or focus on the past and miss out on today.

Imagine if we poured ourselves into the here and now. What if we allowed the future to be defined by our actions today? Imagine if we allowed today's application to come from our experiences and learning's from yesterday, how much better would we be?

Whether it's the future or the past that concerns you, today is all you have to do something about it. Whether it's a relationship that you hope will improve, or maybe it's your work, or church, or school, that you hope will become more, today, right here, right now, is the time that God has given you to use wisely. Maybe that time is spent praying or studying? Maybe that time is spent just enjoying God's presence and love, alone time with him? Maybe that time is to say I'm sorry for what I've done to someone I've hurt? Maybe that time is to make a commitment to my career, church, or family.? Maybe that time is to rest and recoup? You get the point... Today is all you have. The truth be known... you might not even have the remainder of today... all you really have is "right here, right now!"

I hope that everyone understands that the differences we make today for our lives and the Lord's Kingdom is in the here and now. If you belong to Christ.... even when your days are done here on earth... you will live on in the presence of God and his love. So there is always a tomorrow for those that belong to Christ, but you only have "right here, right now" to mend relationships, to help someone in need, to love like you know you should, to share what you can to others... the list goes on and on. Simply put... enjoy today! Live as God would have you live, be all that you can be and focus less on the things that have passed and the things yet to come. Live today, right here, right now!

May God's blessing be upon you.


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