Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God's timing is always perfect

Today when I got off work, I was sitting in the car getting ready to start it and head home. I suddenly felt lead to go to a friends house and visit him. I've been meaning to go visit him for the last few weeks but for one reason or another I never made the time or had the time to visit. Well today I just had to go see my friend. I knew he was very sick, I just didn't know how sick. His wife had run into me a few times at the store and she had asked me to stop by and see her husband. He had asked about me and he wanted me to come by and visit and maybe play some music for him at his birthday party at the end of May. He really enjoyed listening to my hammered dulcimer and we just enjoyed each others company.

We got to know each other one day when I noticed he was entering the store and he was walking with a very unique cane. I immediately struck up a conversation with him about his cane. He told me he made it! I shared with him my interest in canes and walking sticks because my Dad makes them as well. He shared he had several of these canes and sticks and I told him I had four that my Dad had sent me over the years. We decided to get together and "show and tell" if you will. I met him at his house after I got off work one evening and we inspected each others work and just got to know each other better. I had brought my hammered Dulcimer over and I played some music for him and his wife and he really enjoyed our time together. We became friends and would talk every time we saw each other in the store. He even invited me over one day when his son was in town visiting as he lives out of town. His son also makes canes and again we had a "show and tell" and shared stories and just had a great time visiting and admiring each others canes and sticks.

As I drive to his house I'm getting excited about getting to see him again. He was such a nice man and he reminds me of my dad and I really enjoy being around him especially since my Dad lives in Kansas and I live in Tennessee, we don't get to see each other but about once a year. Visiting with my friend reminds me of home and I really enjoy it. As I drove up the drive way to his house, I felt bad that I hadn't been by sooner. Twice in the last three weeks his wife had asked me to stop by and see her husband, he just wasn't healthy enough to get out much anymore.
I knocked on the door.. No answer! The cars were there so I knew they had to be home. I knocked again. Finally his wife comes to the door. She's been sleeping, she's in her nightgown. She invites me in the house and I ask if her husband is here. She says... you haven't heard? I said heard what. She said Steve, Wilbert passed away Sunday. I felt sick! I was so shocked and deeply saddened with the news. I felt so bad that I didn't get to the house sooner. So many times in the last couple of weeks I said to myself... I need to go see Wilbert, but I never made it there. Maybe tomorrow I'll go. Today when I thought about him, it was different. It was like... You Must Go today! So I went and unfortunately I was too late (by two days).

As I sat there in the living room all kinds of thoughts went through my head. Mostly thoughts of guilt. I apologized for not coming sooner, and his wife was so nice and we talked for about an hour. I have to tell you, her faith has made her strong. His and her faith in God has given her a peace like none I've ever seen. Yes, she deeply misses him, but she also knows that he's with Jesus and she shared it was so fitting that he got to go be with his Mother on Mothers day. She shared that Wilberts mother was such a Godly woman. In that hour as we cried together and laughed together, I tried to make sense of why I didn't get here in time to see him one more time. Why did I not sense or understand that his time was critical and getting short, why didn't I realize that he was that sick. Why?

I don't know why, but I do know that God's timing is always perfect. I trust that and I know that everything works out for good for those that love the Lord. In some ways I wasn't late at all. She was thankful that I came by because she wants me to play the hammered Dulcimer and sing song at his funeral this Thursday. She said he would have loved for me to do that and he loved my music so much, it would bless her heart if I could do that for her. Of course I said Yes! The way I look at it is that I owe Wilbert a song. Why I don't get to play it for him while he's alive, I don't know, but his family will hear Wilbert's song this Thursday and for some reason that I can't explain I feel that God will move in that funeral service. Wilbert's wife does too.

I guess even when things appear to be out of time, out of sync, I can always rest assured that God's timing is always perfect.

Prayer: Dear God, Forgive me for not making time to see Wilbert when I had the chance to see him before he passed away. Thank you though that You did prompt me so clearly today to go to his house. I believe you sent me there today and so does his wife, Lord please comfort Rose and give her the peace and strength that only you can give during such difficult times like this. Thank you for her testimony today, even in her husbands death she's proclaiming her love for You Lord and her thankfulness for the time they had together. Thank you Lord that Your timing is always perfect, even though mine is not. Your love is amazing. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen


FEBT said...

I Believe god's timing is always perfect.
He will alway want you to be there at the right time.
So i believe you don't need to leave with guilt but with happiness that your friends has go to meet our father in heaven.=)

lonestarz said...

Dear Steve,

I stumbled upon your blog last year while blog surfing and since then i have been reading your blog for new revelations and quiet time. Happens that today's entry is titled 'God's timing is always perfect'. Yesterday i was reading Ecc 2 'A time for everything'. Just want to let you know that worldly sorrow and guilt doesnt come from the Lord,so do not feel bad about not being able to visit your friend in time. Through this, i have learnt not to take things and friends for granted and also to learn to trust in the Lord that He will make all things beautiful in His timing.