Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's forever for?

What's forever for? This sermon was preached this last weekend by my Pastor, Tim Miles. It was such a powerful message that I thought I'd load it on my blog for you to listen to if you so desire. Beware however, that this message is a tough one to stomach in many ways. It will speak to you on many different levels.

1. If you are thinking about getting married.
2. What's it mean to be married (becoming one)
3. If you are married and struggling within your marriage.
4. If you are thinking about getting divorced.

This message speaks the truth of the bible and often the truth of the bible contradicts the ways of the world. None the less the truth must be taught. I left this service with a renewed commitment to my marriage and my spouse. I pray you'll be blessed as well as you listen.


click on the web address below to listen.

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