Sunday, January 6, 2008

Steve's Devotions, another year!

As I've come into yet another year... 2008. I've been setting here thinking about what I had hoped to accomplish with my blog this last year. My main hope of course was that God would bless the work and efforts I put into it and somehow through the words, reach out and touch those that read it.

My main goal has been to encourage or uplift the readers. I realize, looking back that I didn't always write that way. A little of the flesh always comes out I suppose. But if in some way, you have been encouraged, been uplifted, or maybe even just seen God from another persons perspective, trials and victories. Well, sometimes that's all we need to stay focused and committed. Seeing what others go through and how God delivers them through life, can be a great help in our time of need.

Another focus of my blog has been to testify God's love, his power and his mercy and grace. It's my way of publicly giving God all praise and glory for what He has done and will continue to do in my life.

I'm often asked how I have time to write and do all the other things I do as well? The answer... I don't know. I usually write late at night before I go to bed, unless I'm off work that day, then I might write during the day if time allows. You know, I don't know how long I'll continue to write these little tidbit's of sharing my life and God's word, but as long as I feel I'm honoring the Lord and sharing His truth, then I suppose I'll continue on with my quest. It's my layman's way, if you will, of preaching the Gospel to the world.

In retrospect, if one person is encouraged and finds the Lord in their moment of trial, then all has been for not. If only one Christian is motivated to do more or be more for Christ because of something they have read, then it's all been good.

Well, my hope and prayer for you this year is a renewed focus on Christ and a commitment to serve your Lord and Savior in everything you are. May God bless you and may 2008, be the year we mature in our faith and may we be "More like Christ."

God's love to you.


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