Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Motion Overuled

Two simple words and it's over. Our request was denied, but we were allowed to plead our case and we were heard. My son was heard, I was heard and the judges comments were respectable and courteous to both my son and our family. His point... we made a deal, honor it. It's almost over and at the end of this sentence there's no doubt in any ones mind (the judge included) that Eric will overcome and succeed because of what he's been through and learned over the years.

I'm saddened and my heart goes out to Eric as he makes the trip back to the jail cell once again to finish his sentence. I know he's greatly disappointed as are we. I hold fast to the knowledge that everything... yes everything in this life is temporary. There is an end to all bad things. We just have to find a way to endure it. Christ helps so much. It's his love when were hurting that gets us through. It's his commitment to never leave us or forsake us, that gives us strength when we need it most.

I must and will accept the fact that God's timing is always perfect and he knows what's best for everyone in these circumstances. I don't have to understand it... I just need to know it's going to be ok; and it is.

Thank you all for your prayers, and don't forget to continue praying for Eric and our family as we continue to live and long for the day we can celebrate his release together at home. The last six months will be the long ones as we count down the days. May God keep Eric safe and may Eric not lose faith. This set back will be a time of reflection and disappointment for him. My prayer is that he remains faithful to the Lord and doesn't feel that God has left or abandoned him. Thanks again for your prayers out there. We need them.

Your brother in Christ,


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