Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pray for us

Next week on Wednesday, March 26th, my son Eric will be going before the judge asking for early release. His official date to get out is Mid Sept. He's been in the local jail now for two and a half years. The story is too long to go into and quite personal as well, so I won't share it with you. But I'm writing this request for prayer not knowing what to say or really even ask for? How can I ask anyone to pray for this situation when you really know nothing that's going on? All I know is this... God hears our prayers and I believe with all my heart He answers our prayers. I understand and know that God answers prayers according to our needs and what He knows is best for us. I also know sometimes that what I want, is not what God would request sometimes. But my heart is breaking for my son and I know the hope, the intense desire that he has to get out of that place. Pray however you will... please just pray for us. Please... Thank you.