Sunday, May 4, 2008

Do you believe everything you read?

Go to the Christian book store and what do you see? Shelves filled with books about how to improve your marriage, how to cope with fear, how to be a better spouse, parent, or friend. Books of every possible topic known to mankind. I'm not saying these books aren't great books... they are. They're great because those books are filled with guidance that can help us when we're struggling with a particular issue in our lives. Folks that have been through what we're going through can give us their perspective and even their advise on what worked for them or maybe what didn't work for them. We can read about the choices the author made and the consequences of those choices. Lessons can be learned. Maybe if we heed their advise we can avoid going through the same pain and suffering. Several books are written by experts in their field. They're masters on the subject. They've taken the time and energy to find out the details and the specifics of the issue. They've studied and have written it down so that we can be better educated and able to make better decisions on the subject. I for one understand the importance of sharing life experiences as well. I do it through my blog all the time. I'm not an expert by any means... anyone that knows me can tell you that. I'm simply a layman, a sinner saved by Grace that feels the need to write and encourage others in what little way I can. The question I ask is... Do you believe everything you read?

Of all the books written I know of only one that we should believe everything we read in it. It's the bible. It's the only book in the bookstore that is completely accurate, completely truth, and completely God's word. Our problem however is our inability to comprehend it fully. It's more than our logic or intellect can understand or comprehend on our own. What we do understand is only because it was revealed to us by the Holy Spirit within us. The danger of all the books written, or blogs posted (including mine) is they are mans word's and man's understanding of God's word. When we share our thoughts and understanding of God's word with others, we run the risk of misleading someone. The danger is that they will only hear the words of man rather than the voice of the Spirit. So we must understand that the Holy Spirit must be our guide. He alone is the true and correct way. He alone is Holy and pure.

Be cautious, be alert, be diligent and most of all, be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit within you. I thank the Lord for the opportunity that I have to share the love of Christ with others through my blog. Just understand and know this... I only post to give you a vision, a glimpse of a man of weakness and many opportunities and struggles. Yet through it all, as with most people, our life experiences shape us into who we are. Through the Holy Spirits guidance and our own personal stubbornness mixed together, whatever I say must be taken with the understanding that I am only a man. Everything you read, other than the Holy Bible, must be measured up to the word of God. If it doesn't line up with God's word, then don't do it.

Final note: Isn't it sad that if we as Christians truly believe that the Holy Bible is the only book that we can believe every word of.... why don't we read it more? My book shelf is full of books about spiritual leadership, books about christian living, commentary about the life of Jesus, and many other subjects about spiritual things. I'm currently reading a book titled, "The Heavenly Man" it's about a man, brother Yun, and his life of persecution in China as he lead so many others to believe in Christ. What an incredible read.

The point is... if the bible is the only book we can fully believe every word of, why do we not know it better. If it truly is our source of strength and power, why do we read it so little? We'll go to church and listen to the Pastor, but we won't open up our bible and read it and meditate on it. We'll read blogs and books about spiritual things but not once open our bible during the day. I would even venture to say this... Many Christians haven't even read their bible all the way through completely, yet we claim that it's our Lord's letter to us as Christians. It's his words of love for us. He tells us how to live. Everything we need to know is in this book. Maybe the next time you log on to read my blog... stop before going any further, turn off the computer and pick up your bible and read it instead. Now that's the best advise I can give anyone.

God bless you. May God comfort you and give you peace. May your heart be filled with a hunger to study God's word. May each of us seek to be revived, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and willing to go and do God's will. May our actions and thoughts bring glory to our heavenly Father. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving us, even as weak as we are. We love you Lord. Amen.

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Scott Fillmer said...

well said... only one book I will put my full faith and belief in. There may be many other very good books, but none inspired by God like the Bible is.