Wednesday, May 14, 2008

God's will... WILL BE DONE

I've been reading a book titled, "The Heavenly Man." It's true story about Chinese Christian Brother Yun. It's about how God took a young, half starved boy from a poor village and allowed him mightily to preach the Gospel despite horrific opposition. He suffered prolonged torture and imprisonment for his faith. This book will test your own faith. As I read and saw how much Brother Yun suffered in his faith, I would often ask myself this question... WHY? Why did brother Yun suffer so greatly? This man of God would almost die several times in his life as he was severely beaten and starved. The beatings and the torture were unreal! All he wanted to do in his life was serve the Lord and preach the Gospel, which he did, even while being persecuted the way he was. There's a time in the book where he describes a beating so severe, that his legs were beaten and broken so severely that for the next few years he had to be carried everywhere in prison because his legs were no longer useful. They were too badly damaged and the severe pain he had in his legs everyday was unimaginable. He couldn't walk anymore, and that was the point of the beating... He would never escape again. The guards made it impossible for him to ever to walk again.

One day he knew the Lord was telling him to escape from prison. In an instant he knew. He sensed it and another inmate told him he was to escape as well. It was time to go, as he struggled to stand to his feet, he walked to a gate, not knowing how he was going to escape or what to do next he simply walked towards the next gate. The gate opened just as he got to it and another prisoner and a guard come through the gate as he walks right past them and goes through the gate as it was open at that perfect moment. The prisoner notices Brother Yun but the guard never sees him, even though he walks right past him. The guard is blinded to Yun's presence there. As Brother Yun walks across the prison yard he walks towards the final gate to the prison. It's heavily guarded and always locked. But this time Yun walks past all the guards in the yard, and they do not see him, he walks to the gate and it's not locked and he pushes it open and walks out to a cab waiting by the gate. He gets in and rides away in the cab. Not one guard saw him. The prisoners saw him walk right through the yard past all the guards and right out of the prison gate without any guard ever seeing him or ever acknowledging that he was even there. Brother Yun had the cab driver take him to a church leaders home and when he arrived they were expecting him because they too had a vision from the Lord that Brother Yun would be at their door. They already had food, supplies and clothes for him as they knew he would be there. From there they took him to a safe place while the whole city searched for his whereabouts. The Chinese government and prison officials were frantically searching for Brother Yun but of course he would not be found. Why? Because it was the Lord's will that's why.

Why is this story so important? Because it reminds us that with God, anything is possible. You can walk on crippled legs with God's power. Incidentally brother Yun's legs were healed that day, he was able to walk fine from that day on. Not before that day.... he was in too much pain and agony, as I said before he was carried everywhere, but God healed him so he could walk out according to His plan that day. All obstacles like gates and guards and locks will be opened and a pathway will be made for you if it's God's will. Another lesson is that we don't have to know the plan for God's plan to work, we just simply need to obey God when he tells us to go. He works out all the details. Another very important lesson is that God's plan can happen today, this very moment. When all seems lost, when all seems hopeless, God can change everything. In an instant your condition and your life can change. No matter what the odds, broken legs, guards with guns, prison gates and fences, transportation, food, clothes, shelter???? Whatever the need is not your worry. Our faith must always be that with God... anything is possible! Anything.

The next time you are facing a trial, when all seems hopeless and there just seems to be no way out. Never forget that with God, nothing is as we see it. God can heal, God can open doors that man can't. God can provide food and shelter when we can't see how. If it's God's will... then it WILL BE DONE.

I challenge you to read this book, "The Heavenly Man." Especially if you are facing a trial that seems impossible. This book will help you to remember what you already know in your heart. With God, anything is possible. Never lose faith.

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Matt said...

GREAT BOOK!!!! be careful reading it, you might do something radical! It's amazing to see that things still can happen just like they did in the book of Acts. May we be willing and ready just as Yun.