Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Uncertainty of Tomorrow

When I was young and naive, I thought that I could control my destiny. I really did! I believed that good things happened to good people. I believed that hard work and effort would always lead to prosperity and happiness. I always felt comfortable that I could control my life. I believed that if you raised your children to be polite and honest and taught them right from wrong that they would grow up that way. I always believed that my influence as a parent would far out weigh the influence of their peers but as I get older and more experienced in life I've come to learn a very important lesson that I guess we all learn eventually. No matter how hard you work, or how hard you try to impact tomorrow, tomorrow is a mystery known only to God.

Now I'm not saying we shouldn't work hard or try to plan for tomorrow and impact the rest of our lives. Of course we should because as we all know, we do make a difference in our lives as we influence others. The Bible teaches that we should raise a child up in the way of the Lord and he will return to it. This verse alone ought to give us as parents a clue to what's ahead. The reality is this... Raise them right, and they will return. It was never said they would go out and be perfect and holy in every thing they do because of this great work you did as a parent. The promise is however that one day, they will remember what they were taught them and they will come back. We need to rest assured that all the work and effort and teaching will someday return to them and they will realize what it all means. As parents our obligation and responsibility is to raise them up in the way of the Lord. To be a good example of faith for them. A role model of Christian behavior and when we mess up, as we will, then they need to see how we return to the Lord. This impression will be burned into their minds and one day they too will be returning to the Lord after they too realize what they've done.

During these days of uncertainty... know this. They're adults and they're going to live their own lives. They're going to make mistakes and it's in those moments that we love them, pick them up, help them and most importantly keep living our life as a Godly example for them. The best thing we can ever do for our children, yes even when they're adults, is live our lives for our Lord. Remember, when they're not asking, "What would Jesus do?" They might be asking, "What would Dad do?" Hopefully, they'll see the same thing.

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