Friday, February 22, 2008

Father and Son Time

My Mom and Dad came to Tennessee to visit this last summer. They live in Kansas, so we just don't get to see each other very often, maybe once a year is all. This last summer was a great time for my parents and I to spend some quality time together. For me personally, it was the BEST! I borrowed a motorcycle from a friend of mine and Dad and I took of for a couple a days on our bikes riding the beautiful hills of Tennessee. Dad rode my bike and I rode my friends. The weather was perfect, and the ride was great! The best part of it all was getting to spend some fun, quality time, with my Dad. Those days are getting fewer and fewer every year. I thank God for the opportunity we had this last summer to catch up on some father/son time.

This video was compiled from some of the pictures I took while on our trip. We decided to make a funny video of our trip and the end result... a wonderful video clip of a Father and Son spending the day together doing something they both enjoyed so much. What made it so special for me was... I got to do it with my Dad.

Thanks Dad, I love you!


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