Saturday, February 9, 2008

We're Americans!

My wife and I were traveling back home after going out to eat and as we listened to radio the news came on. I don't specifically remember what the news was about but my wife heard something that made her respond... "I just don't understand why we can't all simply be called Amercians?" "It seems to me that some of the problems we have in America today with racial tention could be eliminated or lessened if we all would just call ourselves Americans rather than adding our nationalities in front of the word American which causes us to be divided from very the beginning." Why do we have to be called African American, Asian Amercian, Native Amercian, and so on?" She said that her family came from Germany does that make her a German Amercian? Then I recalled that my family comes from Scottland way back in the day. I guess that makes me a Scottish Amercian! Hey, I never looked at myself as a Scottish Amercican before, suddenly I feel like a minority class of people, or maybe I'm not? Surely I'm bound to have some bad history somewhere down the line with those Irish people years ago. I better beware of the Irish Amercians! Gosh, I'm glad I realized all this about myself, now I have good reason to hate my neighbor... After all, many years ago, we were mistreated by the Irish, or maybe it was us who mistreated them? I better dig into the history books so I'll know how to feel about my other fellow Amercians. How nieve and ignorant I've been over the years, and imagine how disappointed my ancesters would be in me for not carrying on with the fight!

As we discussed this more, her point was that we should not differentiate ourselves into classes of Amercians. If we are Amercians from the "United States of Amercia," why don't we unite ourselves as one people, equal, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all? (Kinda sounds familiar... I've heard that somewhere else before). Why do we seperate ourselves and cause this silly division among us? We're Americans... all of us. Imagine how much more we would get along if we would drop the divisive words that put each Amercian into a different classification of people.

She's got a point! I guess we think we'd lose our heritage or something if we all united together as one people? Seems to me though, that this one simple thing, could bring us together as a nation more than anything else right now. Are you thankful that you are an Amercian? Oops! I meant... African Amercian, Asian Amercian, Native Amercian, Irish Amercian, Scottish American, Mexican Amercian, German American, Italian Amercian, Latin Amercian, Jewish Amercian, Greek Amercian, I'm sorry... I know I've forgotten some other groups of Americans. What a mess!

May God bless the "United States of Amercia," and all the Amercian people that live in it. May I add this as well... May God bless all Nations. May we live in peace and harmoney on this planet. But seriously... we don't even do that in our own country, much less the world. Dear Lord... Help us!
Colossians 3:15, Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful


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