Saturday, February 23, 2008

Play the hand you're dealt.

Today on the radio I was listening to a talk show host interviewing a woman on the radio. I have no idea who this woman was because when I turned on the radio in my car I was only able to hear the last few minutes of the interview. But what this woman said made a tremendous amount of sense... I wrote this quote down on a piece of paper I had in my pocket at the time.

"You get what you get." You take the cards your dealt, and you make a hand."

They were talking about some people not being able to be successful, while others make the most of their life and become more than they ever dreamed they could be. Her point was, you get what you get, or you have what you have, you just have to make the best of it. I'd like to add on another point to finish her quote and that would be... "Then you bet on the hand you have." Have confidence in yourself, Go for it! Be all that you can be.

Have you ever played poker? If you haven't played poker then you have most likely seen it played on the television. It's become quite popular these days on TV. Each of the players are dealt cards. As they build their hand, they begin to place bets on what they have in their hand. The interesting thing about cards however, is it's not necessarily the cards you have as much as how you play them. I've seen hands with nothing of value take the pot and win the round all because the player played their hand correctly. People are always bluffing, or trying to make you think they have something they don't. But the truth is you never know, so even though your hand may be of more value and could win the round, you might pass or fold because you think the opponent has a better hand. The point here is that you play the hand you're dealt. You do the best you can with what you have.

What's great about being a Christian is this... The hand you were dealt has just improved the day you gave your life to Christ. It's improved in several ways...

  • You are a new creature in Christ. The old things have passed away and all that we are becomes new and fresh. We've been born again!

  • You been given a spiritual gift from the indwelling Holy Spirit. This is something new in your hand of the cards of life you've been dealt. Use it to impact the lives of others and bring glory to God.

  • You always have an ace in the hand. Jesus Christ is your Ace. Even if you lose the round, you'll never lose the game! Eternal life is yours through Christ Jesus.

I say, love life! Have some fun! Live your life to the fullest and allow God to change you and lead you through all that comes your way. There's no need to bluff any more, you already have the best hand. Ultimately you will win in the poker game of life!

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